Multi-family & Apartment Buildings

How does HES Work for Multi-family Properties & Apartments?

The Home Energy Solutions (HES) program, supported by Energize Connecticutsm, is an innovative solution to reducing your building’s energy bill. Competitive Resources, Inc (CRI) will perform an energy assessment, make on-the-spot improvements, including caulking and sealing of critical air leaks, and, depending on your eligibility, provide exclusive money-saving rebates on appliances, HVAC systems and insulation.

Documented Results of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Since 2012, CRI has completed energy savings services in over 10,000 units, resulting in projected energy savings of approximately $175 per unit. This was accomplished at little or no direct cost to the property owners.

How are these services available for me (owner/property manager)?

Connecticut residents who pay an electric or gas Utility bill support Energize Connecticut programs through a small charge on their bills. The Connecticut Utility companies administer the energy-efficiency programs, providing expertise and managing the financial incentives to help their customers reduce the amount of energy used in their homes and businesses.

CRI’s proven proposal design and price implementation for these projects usually result in a quick turnaround.

What’s included?

  • A team of Building Performance Institute certified technicians will conduct diagnostic Blower Door testing to identify and quantify air leakage in the units.
  • Professional air-sealing; including caulking window/door trims, foaming plumbing penetrations, weather stripping access doors, installing outlet gaskets, etc.
  • Duct sealing to reduce leaks in your heating & air-conditioning duct system.
  • Installation of LED and Compact Fluorescent energy efficient light bulbs in each unit.
  • Installation of energy saving water saving measures, including sink aerators and showerheads.
  • CRI will determine the annual estimated savings for the units individually as well as the entire complex based on the scope of work. The utilities will verify the savings.
  • CRI will supply a sample tenant notice if needed.
  • CRI will conduct on-site Quality Assurance inspections on our technicians weekly through the duration of the project.
  • CRI will fabricate a Post Project Report outlining measures installed, illustration of building air-tightness pre and post weatherization, customer satisfaction survey scores and further recommendations for your records.
  • CRI will review and make proper recommendations for any potential heating and cooling, insulation, appliance, or lighting upgrades.
  • CRI will provide general contracting services to help you get the right professionals to provide any additional energy saving services recommended.
  • CRI will work with the appropriate Utility to retrieve rebates and tax credit incentives to help with the costs of the proposed upgrades.
Energize Connecticut – programs that help you save money and use clean, affordable energy
– is a partnership of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the
Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority and your local electric and gas utilities, and is funded by a charge on consumer energy bills.
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